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Methenolone Enanthate (Primobolan) 10ml X 100mg



Effective period 8-10 days
Administration Inject
Dose Male 400-800mg / Female 100-200mg
Acne No
Water retention No
High blood pressure No
Liver damage No
Aromatization No
DHT conversion No




Methenolone Enanthate (Primobolan) 10ml x 100mg

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Primobolan is an injectable steroid that we supply in a 10 ml vial. Primobolan is also known in the steroid market as Methenolone enanthate Mactropin 10ml x 100mg. This is the active substance of primobolan. Many athletes choose primobolan because it greatly improves muscle definition. Primobolan generally does not have androgenic properties. You can use primobolan well in the pre-competition period.

Primobolan effect:

You build muscle mass of very high quality, without retaining a lot of fluid. Ideal for improving your muscle definition, primobolan also promotes immediate fat loss.

If you have little experience with steroids or primobolan, we recommend a dosage of 200-800 mg per week. Athletes with a lot of experience will dose this product higher, approximately 500-800 mg per week. You will find that doses of 300-500 mg per week are tolerated by your body without major problems. In addition, side effects are also more likely to occur. A normal primobolan treatment lasts approximately 12 weeks. Long-term intake of primobolan is not recommended for health reasons. Women can also use primobolan, but with minimum dosages of 50-150 mg per week.

Primobolan is generally an anabolic that is well tolerated. You will not experience side effects with normal doses. Primobolan is also tolerated kindly and without problems by your liver. At higher doses, minor side effects may occur, such as alopecia, increased body hair and skin problems.

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